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About Sauder Consulting

We are a collection of bright and creative students from the UBC Sauder School of Business. The team is obsessed, intrigued and passionate about solving problems. We offer management consulting services to Start-up to Medium-sized businesses in the lower mainland.

Practical Problem Solving

You present us with a challenge your team is facing and we work with you to drill down on the core issues at play, arriving at a tangible hypothesis.

Experience & Viewpoints

Our principals are working professionals and part-time MBA students. They have extensive experience working for successful recognized firms across multiple sectors.


We focus on providing solutions that are rooted in deep data analysis or distilled down from multiple yet disjointed insights.

Not For Profit

Businesses are asked to donate for our consulting services. The donations are put towards speaking events such that Sauder students can connect with the professional consulting community at large.

What we specialize in

We stay within our sphere of confidence and provide definitive next steps and recommendations. In some cases we can't solve the problem that needs to be addressed and in those cases we provide recommendations on which specialized firm could support your business.

Market Research & Segmentation

Business Plan Audit

Process Analysis

Pricing & Product Assessment

Size and type of business we support

We focus on specific industry types and business sizes such that we are in a position to provide a meaningful impact to the companies chosen

Specific problems we solve

New Equipment Investment

Do you have a new tool or piece of equipment you are contemplating a large capital investment in? Would you like to have a second opinion on your return on investment calculations?

Price Point

Is your current pricing reflective of the market conditions or competitive landscape? Are you giving away a service that your customers assign value to?

Product Assessment

Do you want us to test or provide feedback on a prototype, existing product or service? Do you want to have a list of meaningful next steps or additional things to consider?

Market Entry Strategy

Are you contemplating what factors to consider when entering a new market? What should your criteria be for entering? What can you accomplish with the assets you have on hand?

Demographic & Segmentation

Are your products or services very specific to a certain type of demographic. Do you need help understanding where do they reside or how the groups should be evaluated?

Organizational Restructuring

Do you have an idea on how you want your firm to be restructured? Are you growing and want to understand the organizational roadblocks you may face?

Distribution Analysis

Are you considering new forms of distribution or delivery to your customers? Are you contemplating moving from one platform of content delivery to another but want to understand the risks?

Business Plan Audit

Does your business plan still reflect todays way of working? What can one learn from the pivots the business has made? Where does your business need to improve immediately?

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How our Engagements Work

An engagement with Sauder Consulting is a hyper focused deep dive into your firm, its assets and its activities. It requires just as much if not more input from your side. We spend a considerable amount of time before the 2 hour session ensuring you have the data on hand to get the most from your 2 hour session. We meet you at your location for an intensive, collaborative and creative session that focuses on sparking insight in your team and allowing us to further distil down on our hypothesis. Two weeks later we are back to deliver our thoroughly researched findings inspired by cutting edge management thinking. Just like that you have gained insights straight from one of the consistently top ranked business programs in Canada

1. Identifying and Scoping

Once your inquiry is received and accepted our engagement manager will get in touch either virtually or in person and will make sure he or she understands your current business model. There will be a considerable amount of up front leg work to drill down on the specific question you are trying to answer and that which we can answer for you. We focus on identifying a problem that can be solved with the current resources you have on hand.

  • The scope is key at this stage.
  • The deliverables will be seldom drilled down at this stage but some will be short listed.

2. Preparation and Expectations

After identifying the problem and determining the appropriate level of scope, our engagement manager will touch base this time with any relevant expert from our side. We walk you through our initial findings and outline some of the key data we would need you to prepare up front and have on hand. Our engagement manager will only ensure you've got the right type of data on hand. We would also identify the people within your firm that we recommend should be present during the 2 hour consult.

  • We would decide on the set of deliverables at this stage.
  • We would decide on the people within your firm that should be at the 2 hr consult.

3. The Consult

The actual meet up with a select group of 5 from our team takes place at this point. The facilitator leads the discussion between both parties. He is an outside observer that keeps discussion on point but allows for creative insight to flourish. So in that regard, this meeting's goal is to treat the discussion like a back and forth exchange of ideas, allowing us to tap into your industry experience, preferences, risk appetite all without coloring it with our inherent biases.

We will ask many probing questions and the data you have had to collect will be insightful and allow us to keep the momentum of the discussion going. The more half-answers, as we call it, we can provide then on a high level this can spark deeper discussions. For the most part this is where your team will generates numerous potential solutions to the original question and our group expands, builds upon, sorts then crops and refines those solutions.

The process is slightly different for each industry type or question type but the overall framework is what will allow us to provide maximum value in the 2 hour consult

  • We collect our findings and potential solutions
  • We confirm the deliverable

4. Final Recommendation

At this stage we present the one recommendation or course of action. If there is a deliverable that was agreed upon in step 2 and further refined in step 3 then this deliverable will be provided with the recommendation. We close up with providing the next steps that can be accomplished within the firm. We also provide steps that should be handled outside of the firm by others.

As we do not do implementation or concentrated studies, we will provide a list of recommended firms that can support with those recommendations we lay out.